Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote in senslash,
Mama Deb


Oh, it's actually been fun. Well, sort of fun. And it just increases my love of Merry and Margie. "We are *not* supposed to be nice here."

Near as I can figure, the "trolls" believe you have to be nice to writers and stories, but not to other people.

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No, no, see, the "trolls" have this logic that you have to be nice to everyone except people who aren't nice to other people. [Which makes me wonder why we're supposed to be nice to /them/, but, y'know, they're In The Right and therefore Good People, or something like that.]

I'm amused that making a DNR list -- and (gasp) posting it on the list -- is, like, being Really Really Mean, not to mention it's a way of censoring stuff. 'Cause, like, someone had to put /some/ amount of time into a story, and so we should love it and cherish it, and not think it's bad. Or maybe we can think it's bad but we just can't say it.

...or something.